Resource Center

Resource Center

The Resource Center serves as the primary source of information for CSOs in Kosovo with regards to developments that are relevant for the civil society sector. It is also the source of vast opportunities for organizational development and capacity building. The Resource Center is established within Forum for Civic Initiatives (FIQ) premises in Prishtina. The Resource Center offers a:

Meeting/Co-working space

FIQ features a fully operational meeting room with seating for up to 12 people, which can serve as a meeting place for local CSOs who lack such spaces.

Training/Media Room

The training room is designed to sit up to 20 people comfortably to follow interactive lectures and/or guest talks. In addition, this room features a modern Media Corner which can be utilized by CSOs for press conferences for their actions and/or projects.


As part of the NRC, the project partners have established a library that contains necessary books, manuals, guidelines, and other resources that will be at the disposal of local CSOs at any time.

In addition, the project partners will design a comprehensive online training curriculum for the NRC, which will be available online for free as part of the FIQ website. Through such trainings, we will be able to reach a wider number of local CSOs across Kosovo, for whom it may not be feasible to be physically present for trainings that they want to attend, due to travel costs, etc. In addition, the online training curriculum will be built upon the modules of the Sustainability Academy, but tailored for online learning at the individual pace of each student. In addition, all guest lectures, and short training materials on specific subjects will also be made available in the online training curriculum as part of the NRC.