Sustainability Academy

The Sustainability Academy will provide comprehensive capacity building training for local CSOs, not only with regards to organizational development, but also specifically to equip them with the required skills and competencies on developing and implementing successful advocacy initiatives. This will contribute towards substantially improving the practical knowledge, fundraising and advocacy skills of the 15 CSO beneficiaries of the grant scheme ‘Fostering sustainable organisational development for CSOs in Kosovo.’ The Sustainability Academy will focus on building key skills and competencies on sustainable organizational development, fundraising, community outreach and mobilization, network and coalition building, communications, project management, financial management, and advocacy.

The Sustainability Academy will consist of 8 training modules including: organizational development, community outreach and mobilization, fundraising, project management, financial management, communications, network and coalition building, advocacy, and leadership. Each module will last for two days each.  In order to ensure progressive skill learning and practical experience, the 12 month-long academy will be divided into two phase, the initial phase which covers sustainable organizational development, community outreach and mobilization, fundraising, and financial management and the Next Level phase, which covers more advanced topics listed above. The participating CSOs will be able to first put their new skills to practice after the first phase while implementing their community projects. The participating Local CSOs will have assignments meant to help them practice the skills they learned between modules. It is expected that most of these organisations will, by the end of the training, have improved their capacity in terms of outreach efforts and mobilising local resources, their skills in, among others, sustainable organizational and project planning, fundraising from local sources (individuals, businesses, and institutions), their advocacy skills, and their capacity to be transparent, accountable and to engage citizens. The trainings will be delivered in an interactive format, utilizing lectures, the case method for encouraging discussions among participants and training regarding case studies which involve participants in problem-solving of real-world situations. Participants with be further encouraged to formulate questions and make quick decisions.

The main objective of this program is to significantly develop the capacities of the main target group (Local CSOs), especially in terms of their organizational, operating, and advocacy skills which will enable them to enhance their input into decision and policy making processes of local and central government. Moreover, the project participants also stand to benefit from gaining access to a vast network of partner CSOs of the implementing partners, which will surely serve them in their future work.