About Us

The project “Fostering sustainable organisational development for CSOs in Kosovo’’ is a project funded by European Union, managed by EU Office in Kosovo, and implemented by Forum for Civic Initiatives (FIQ) and Institute for Development Policy (INDEP). The goal of the project is to contribute towards a democratic society through developing sustainable Civil Society Organisations, which would serve as agents to authentic changes in policymaking and decision taking at all levels.

This project aims to support CSOs in Kosovo with a special focus on organisational, advocacy development, capacity building for fundraising, profiling, partnership building and networking. In this way, their contribution to decision-making and policy-making at local and central level will increase.

The three main components of this project are:

Resource Center

The Resource Center serves as the primary source of information for CSOs in Kosovo with regards to developments that are relevant for the civil society sector. It is also the source of vast opportunities for organizational development and capacity building. Resource Center offers a Conference Room and a Meeting Room which you can book for your organisation needs for free. The Resource Center is established within Forum for Civic Initiatives (FIQ) premises in Prishtina.

The Sustainability Academy

The Sustainability Academy will provide comprehensive capacity building training for local CSOs, not only with regards to organizational development, but also specifically to equip them with the required skills and competencies on developing and implementing successful advocacy initiatives.

Grants for participating CSOs

Part of the project is also the grant allocation scheme for 15 local organisations, which are financed with grants in the amount of 3500 – 4000 euro. After the implementation of their projects, the beneficiary CSOs will be establishing partnerships amongst themselves in the form of 4 thematic coalitions to engage in local advocacy initiatives. Partnership projects will be funded up to 8500 euros.